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TECHT MRT Bolt for Planet Eclipse Etha - Product Review
MRT Bolt for Planet Eclipse Etha reduces weight and friction by changing the material to machined delrin.
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Manufacturer: TechT
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Reviewed By: Jerry V.
Review Date: 12/14/2015
I have the MRT bolt in my Etha and have nothing but good things to say. Next to a barrel kit, I think this is the best upgrade you can make to your Etha. Where the MRT bolt excels is the improvement in air flow. This means you can lower the pressure on your Reg/HPR and that WILL improve efficiency and reduce the noise when firing your market (think "stealth"). This is especially important indoors where a loud marker is a dead giveaway of your position. The MRT bolt is significantly lighter than stock, it even includes a new light-weight spring, enabling you to reduce dwell and 'slightly' improve efficiency. I've heard of people reducing dwell to 8ms (the lowest setting on the stock board) but in most cases I don't think the trade-off is worth the reduction in consistency from shot to shot. I typically run dwell at 12ms (stock), occasionally going as low as 10ms, but I rarely stray from that. Some will argue whether or not the bolt will reduce vibration (the Etha is hardly the "jackhammer" some say it is!) but, combined with the springless poppet, my marker is noticeably smoother, if just a bit. Complaints? None here. I have read that the composite plastic (Delrin) can shrink in really cold weather and cause reliability issues in the marker. I normally play indoors come fall but when I have played in the cold, there have been no issues, so believe what you will. Does the MRT bolt make the Etha better? No. Is it an absolute must? No. If you're looking for an increase in efficiency and less noise though, and maybe a little less 'kick', then get this bolt.

Reviewed By: Allesandro M.
Review Date: 11/27/2012
It does what it meant to be done i did get the 20 fps and did lower the pressure and the bing did go away and it shoots smooth i highly recommend this product
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