TechT Paintball

TechT Paintball Gun Grease and Oil

TechT Gun Drops Oil and Gun Sav Grease are designed to be the best lubricants in the world. Both the oil and the grease are engineered to be the the slickest lubricant on the market.

The slickness of our lubricants helps reduce friction, and thats ultimately what makes them the best! You won't find a better lubricant for your paintball marker, or anything that needs lubrication.

Our lubricants are the best on paintball markers, airsoft guns, real firearms, fishing reels, R/C cars, bicycles, chains, cables, hinges, anything that pivots, slides, spins.

Both products are great in hi-temps environments, and will not freeze or thicken in extreme temps. They do not break down seals/o-rings, and will not damage a product in any way. 

We challenge our skeptics to try our lubricants. If you are not satisfied, send it back for a full refund! We are that confident in our product.

We have not had a single complaint or return in over 10 years!!! This stuff is the BEST! 

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