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TECHT Hush Bolt Upgrade for the JT Impulse

So you want your marker to shoot more quietly and efficiently? Here it is! This Hush bolt upgrade replaces your stock bolt in the JT Impulse. (Works in 2009 and newer models)
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TECHT's Hush Pro Series Bolt for the JT IMPULSE paintball marker utilizes our "Even-Flow" venturi face technology. This "Even-Flow" face allows the Pro Series Hush Bolt to obtain optimal effeicency, while quieting the traditional sound signature associated with the JT IMPULSE significantly.

The Pro Series Hush Bolt is not only quiter, it is lighter and smoother!

The Pro Series HUSH Bolt is made from 900 SP Series Delrin which makes it cycle smoother and has lower wear and friction properties. 900 SP Series Delrin makes the Pro Series Hush Bolt smoother than ever! 

We opted for this new material because it has much better wear resistance than standard delrin. This means your bolt will maintain optimal performance much longer than other bolts, and not scratch near as easily. 

The Hush "Pro-Series" Bolt also pushes the limits of weight reduction while not compromising the velocity limits.

The TECHT Pro Series Hush Bolt incorporates all the benefits of the older version of the Hush Bolt but has added anti-friction cuts to minimize drag and breech wear. Our anti-friction cut style allows for no wasted air in the detent portion of the bolt. 

This means players are getting the lightest, quietest, most efficient, & friction free bolt on the market.

Quiet Operation- the Hush Bolt was designed to have a less abrupt "pop" or "crack" that has traditionally been associated with the JT IMPULSE. The TechT Hush Bolt has a quieter, more muffled sound signature. This means your field position is given away less, and communication on the field becomes easier than ever before.

Increased Efficiency- the combination of the Even-Flow face and our unique o-ring configuration allows the Hush Bolt to seal the routing of air directly through the face. This results in less air being leaked around the bolt itself- which means far less wasted air. The Even-Flo Face also allows for extremly unform airflow- this means tighter groupings and better accuracy.

Radial Ramping Face- our Hush Bolt features a Radial Ramping Face which allows for less ball stack clipping, which means less broken paint in your breech. 

All TechT Upgrades carry a Full Lifetime Warranty!

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