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MRT H.E. Delrin Pro Series Phenom Bolt (Phaze-5 Fitting Included) - Product Review
TechT takes the Phenom bolt to the EXTREME. The MRT H.E. Series Bolt out performs all competing bolts. The MRT is the lightest and strongest Phenom Bolt in the world. Combines Delrin and Billet Aluminum.
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Manufacturer: TechT
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Product Review
Reviewed By: Eric W.
Review Date: 3/23/2011
I installed this on my phenom. Coupled with the phase 5 fitting, my gun fired more consistently, even when I was running low on air. Teammates I was skirmishing against said they could not hear my gun down range. They heard the balls whizzing by and/or hitting bunkers close to them, but they never heard my phenom fire. The soft paddles DS+ along with this bolt never once chopped a ball, and I never dry fired, I had a ball chambered every round till my hopper was dry. It is also true that after I installed this I had to reduce the speed of my gun by 30 fps. Straight change over, I was running 290 fps, swapped bolts and was running 320 fps. -Eric Alphashadow [SWHR] Animal Asylum
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