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iFit Barrel Boring Kit | .68 Caliber iFit Barrel Boring Kit

iFIT Paintball Barrel Boring Kit is here to make paintball bore sizing possible again!

  • By obtaining a correct paint to barrel size match a player will add substantial accuracy and efficiency to their paintball marker.
  • No other manufacturer offers as many bore sizes as the iFIT.
  • The iFIT Kit ranges in size from .692 down to .667.
  • The iFit Kit offers the most comprehensive selection of bore sizes and threads to date, and is the most economical option.
  • Not only is it one of the best and most accurate barrel kits, but it is also a great way to adapt one type of barrel to many different gun types.
  • Conversion Adaptors are named so that the first name listed is the gun that the adaptor will fit in, and the second name is what barrel will work in it.   Example: The "A5/X7 to Autococker iFit Adaptor" will allow you to use Autococker Barrels on your A5/X7.

Over the past decade, players have found that correctly boring their paintballs leads to increases in both accuracy and efficiency.

Two issues have arisen concerning the ability to properly bore paint.
First off, paintball boring systems that have previously been available are expensive due to the fact that they consist of multiple backs, tips, and inserts.

Prices for these kits can easily cost hundreds of dollars. The typical barrel system or kit becomes very expensive when adding multiple threads and or bore sizes...not the case with the iFit Kit.

Another problem players are encountering is that paintballs have become progressively smaller over the last few years. The bore sizes needed to size this smaller paint have simply not even been available...until now.

We have found that by adding only 1.75 inches of compression length to the majority of barrels and barrel systems ,via the iFit Kit, we can obtain significant increases in accuracy and efficiency.

What does this mean for you? It means that with nothing more than the barrels you already have in your gear bag, you can start sizing your paintballs correctly and obtaining those increases. It works with any barrel, on any gun. The iFit Kit allows for optimal compression of any paintball to maximize the potential gains from your barrel.


  iFIT is a totally modular system that accommodates all the paintballs and re-balls that are being sold today.

After buying several brands and grades of paintballs, and sizing them all, we have found that many paintball manufacturers have started manufacturing paint smaller than .679 (smallest industry standard bore available).

In many cases this change to a smaller bore paintball means that your current set of barrels is too big for the paint you are forced to buy.

Using a barrel that is too big means that you will have less accuracy & efficiency

This is the largest range in bore sizes you will find from any manufacturer. iFIT also will save you money by only having one adapter per marker thread as opposed to purchasing several backs with individual bore sizes. Simply put, the iFIT Kit is the most comprehensive kit available today.

  • The iFIT comes in 2 different configurations:
     - 6 piece insert kit
     - 9 piece insert kit
  • Kits will come with a barrel adaptor with your barrel thread of choice.
  • Additional adaptors are available along with a "filler kit" of 3 inserts to upgrade a 6-piece kit to the 9-piece kit.
  • Rather than having to buy several expensive full barrel backs, complete barrels of various bores, or trying to find barrel inserts that don't exist, one can save time and money with the iFIT.


Click below on the kit size that you would like and see if we make an adaptor for your marker and barrel set.

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iFit 6 Piece Barrel Kit
Item: iFIT-6PIECE 
Manufacturer: TechT
Click here to select thread for the adapter. The TechT iFIT 6-Piece Kit is an excellent upgrade for any gun. It works with your stock barrel, and can make any gun shoot lazer beams.
iFit 9 Piece Barrel Kit
Item: iFIT-9PIECE 
Manufacturer: TechT
Click here to select the adapter thread for your kit. This is the MEGA KIT. Get it and you will always be the most accurate gun on the field.
iFit Barrel Adapter
Manufacturer: TechT
This is where you purchase additional adapters for all your babies. If you already have the iFIT or Python inserts, here are the additional adapters you will need to get it to work on all the guns in your arsenal.
iFIT Individual Insert
Item: iFIT-BORE 
Manufacturer: TechT
Want or need an individual insert? THIS IS THE PLACE!
iFit- Filler Kit
Item: iFit056  In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT
Three inserts needed to fill out the 6 piece kit. Included inserts are .667, .688, .692
iFIT- Phantom 9-Piece and Pump Handle Combo
Item: iFIT110  In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT
THE MEGA KIT! Everything you need to get your Phantom running an iFIT and gives you all the inserts possible.
iFIT- Phantom 6-Piece and Pump Handle Combo
Item: iFIT111  In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT
Everything you need to get your Phantom running an iFIT!
Ifit- TiPX Adapter and Barrel 9-Piece
Item: iFit136  Back Ordered
Manufacturer: TechT
IFIT- TiPX Adapter, Barrel and Tip 9-Piece
Item: iFit160  Back Ordered
Manufacturer: TechT
Ifit- TiPX Adapter and Barrel 6-Piece
Item: iFit135  Back Ordered
Manufacturer: TechT
IFIT- TiPX Adapter,Barrel and Tip 6-Piece
Item: iFit159  Back Ordered
Manufacturer: TechT
iFit- Phantom Adapter and Pump Handle Combo
Item: Ifit112  In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT
This is what you need if you are thinking about expanding your iFIT to work with your Phantom Pump Gun.
Ifit- TiPX Adapter and Barrel
Item: iFit137  Back Ordered
Manufacturer: TechT
IFIT- TiPX Adapter, Barrel and Tip
Item: iFit161  Back Ordered
Manufacturer: TechT
iFit- Phantom Pump Handle
Item: iFIT0100  In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT
Need a new pump handle for your Phantom, or looking to start using the iFIT with your Phantom? Either way, you need this.
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