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TechT Upgrades for the Tippmann Cronus

The Tippmann Cronus is a newer addition to the Tippmann Family of paintball markers. Internally, it's very similar to the A5 and 98 Custom. When making the Cronus, Tippmann was going for a newer looking marker that was affordable to make and sell. As with anything Tippmann, it's a durable marker for the most part, and comes with a good company backing it.

Out of the box, the Cronus is an "OK" marker at best. It shoots, but it's a loud marker, has some very noticeable kick, and it's stock barrel accuracy is not very good. The Cronus does NOT have an breech sensor / eye system, so chopping paintballs in the breech is totally possible, and fairly common if your loader doesn't keep up with your rate of fire. 

To fix these very noticeable problems, we started by redesigning the bolt and hammer system. We improved every aspect of the firing cycle by doing this. Our main design goals were to make the bolt/hammer system lighter, more air efficient/accurate, and not chop paint. After years of development and refinement, we offer the following upgrades.

1. The Super Bolt - Anti-Chop Bolt System: The Super Bolt is spring assisted front bolt, designed to stop it's forward movement on partially loaded paintballs, and retract to allow the ball to fully load for the next shot, rather than just chop through the ball. The Super Bolt is also a full metal bolt, so its more durable than the stock bolt. the Super Bolt also has a ramped front lip, so it's less apt to clip the ball stack and cause a ball break in the breech. All in all, its a must have upgrade and will really help keep you in the game.

2. The Zero Kick Hammer - The Zero Kick Hammer is designed to be a lighter, harder, and more polished version of the stock hammer. By making it lighter, it means you have less moving mass inside the marker, that makes for less kick and recoil. This change helps you stay on target better, and makes one-shot-one-kill shots and long balling mush easier. The hammer is harder than the stock hammer, which will allow it to hold up longer and not require replacement especially if you like to fire faster than semi auto with a manual trigger. If you shoot with an e-trigger or RT trigger, you need this hammer. The Zero Kick Hammer is also hand polished, so it will move more easily and consistently in the marker. The you combine the lighter weight of the hammer and the polished finish, the result is tighter groupings and more kills. 

With all of our upgrades combined, the Cronus can go from just "OK", to a true contender on the field! All of our products come with a Lifetime Warranty, and our tech support will help you solve any issues you might encounter along the way.

Check out all of our upgrades for the Tippmann Cronus below.

If you have questions please email support@techtpaintball or call us at 901-405-1848.

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iFit 6 Piece Barrel Kit Item: iFIT-6PIECE Manufacturer: TechT $99.99
Click here to select thread for the adapter. The TechT iFIT 6-Piece Kit is an excellent upgrade for any gun. It works with your stock barrel, and can make any gun shoot lazer beams.
Super Bolt - Anti Chop Bolt System : Fits Tippmann, BT, and Valken Markers Item: SB001 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $34.99
Anti-Chop Bolt for many Tippmanns, Valken, and BT Markers. Make chopping paint a thing of the past!
TechT Promo Poster Item: POSTER1 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $2.99
This is a poster showing off some of TechT's best products! The prefect gift for any guy that loves paintball..
Tippmann Hairpin Kit Trigger Upgrade Item: TP0005 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $19.99
Five pins that allow you to sweet spot your markers trigger pull. This allows for higher BPS!
Zero Kick Hammer SE - Fits Tippmann Stormer & Cronus Item: TP0062 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $49.99
Fits Stormer and Cronus only. Reduced Weight, Hand Polished, Reduces Kick/Recoil.
iFit 9 Piece Barrel Kit Item: iFIT-9PIECE Manufacturer: TechT $139.99
Click here to select the adapter thread for your kit. This is the MEGA KIT.
Soft Touch Blue Ball Latch - 5 Pack- Fits Tippmann Item: DETENT_TIP_01 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $9.99
Replacement detents for the Tippmann and similar markers.
TechT Gun Sav Syntheic Grease - 1oz Tub Item: LUB001 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $9.99
Protect Your Investment with the BEST! SILKY and SAFE in all applications!
Hardcore Tuner Deluxe Spring Kit - Fits Tippmann & Similar Item: SPRING_TIP_2 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $19.99
Fits most Tippmanns and similar BT & Valken markers.
Hardcore Tuner Drive Spring Kit - Fits Tippmann & Similar Item: SPRING_TIP_1 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $14.99
Fits most Tippmanns and similar BT & Valken markers.
High Velocity Lightened Valve Spring Upgrade for Tippmanns - 1" Length Item: TS006 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $3.00
Fits Tippmann 98, newer A5 and X7 marker. Works in other markers like Valken and BT markers as well.
iFIT- A5/X7 to Autococker Adapter Item: iFIT114 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $34.99
Individual adapter. Pick up just an adapter to fit all other makers you may own.
iFIT- A5/X7/X7 Phenom 9-Piece Kit Item: iFIT019 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $139.99
Fits A5, X7, Phenom, Crossover, Crossover XVR, Cronus, Gryphon, TiPX, TMC, and TCR.
O-ring Kit - Tippmann Complete Rebuild Kit-3x Item: OR005 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $8.99
This kit is what you need for all Tippmann 98, A5, X7, Alpha Black and all the newer models of Tippmanns.
TechT Gun Drops Oil - 1 OZ Item: LUB006 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $9.99
TechT Gun Drops take paintball oil to a whole new level. Our oil is thicker and stays where you put it. Use less and apply it less often is our way of thinking.
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