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O-rings 101

Got a leak, or marker just not performing like it used to? If you answered yes,  know that 99% of the time gas leaks and poor performance are due to an o-ring issue. These issues can be easily fixed by lubricating the o-rings, or by replacing them with new ones. Here you will find many of the standard o-rings that are used in paintball markers and in other various pneumatic applications.

Most of the o-rings that we sell are high quality buna-nitrile (also known as "buna", "Nitrile Rubber" or "Buna-N") o-rings. Buna o-rings are typically what you would find inside of your marker. But, there are other types of o-rings for different applications. We do offer a smaller selection of o-rings made from polyurethane. Polyurethane o-rings can be white, transparent, or any light color. In many cases, if we do not offer the polyurethane o-ring that you need a buna o-ring can be an acceptable substitute. We also have a selection of teflon o-rings. Teflon o-rings are typically white and often very hard.

The hardness or softness of an o-ring's material is called its "durometer". The majority of o-rings within a marker are typically 70 durometer
o-rings. But, in applications where there are high amounts of friction or pressure a 90 durometer o-ring is used. The higher the durometer number, the harder the o-ring material is. Higher durometer o-rings typically are stronger and have longer wear life; softer o-rings seal better and offer less friction.

We sell o-rings individually as well as in packs of ten. Lubricating o-rings after each day keeps them clean and lengthens their wear life by preventing them from drying out. Regular maintenance, and maybe a new o-ring or two, is usually all it takes to keep your marker or pneumatic device running at its best. Its always a good idea to have a few extra of each o-ring.

Lubrication is truly the key to making your marker shoot at peek performance. We have spent years developing the best lubricants for paintball markers. Our Gun-Sav High Performance Grease and Gun Drops Super Slick Oil were developed specifically for the needs of paintball markers. They are all weather lubricants, keeping your marker working in all conditions. Gun Drops are thicker than standard marker oil, ensuring that the lubrication stays where it is meant to be and not blown out of the barrel with the air. And, Gun Sav's unique formula prevents it from gumming or thickening in cold weather like many other greases.

If you need lubricant for your marker, we strongly suggest trying either of our lubricants. "Single Tube" or  "Spool-Valve" type markers typically use grease such as Gun Sav. Examples of these types of markers would be Dye Matrixes, Proto Matrixes, Proto Rails, Shockers, Ion's and the like. "Stacked Tube" markers, like Spyders and Egos, typically recommend oil like Gun Drops. 

If there is an o-ring that you need and you are not seeing it here, please contact us with the o-ring information and we will see if we can get it. Not sure what oring(s) you need, but know you need some...call us and tell us where it goes, we can hopefully help you figure it out. Call 1(901) 405-1848.

O-Ring Kits

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MRT, Mini, AXE, and KUSH Bolt Tip Oring
Item: IN001a  In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT
Replacement Soft Tip Bolt Tip O-Ring for all TechT MINI, AXE, and KUSH bolts
Internally Lubricated Buna Oring
Manufacturer: TechT
These are BUNA orings with lubricant mixed in with the rubber compound. They are designed to help reduced friction and allow your marker to work better. Results may vary, but we have had great success with them for 3 years. Try some!!!
Specialized Oring
Manufacturer: TechT
If you need a non-standard o-ring, then in most cases you will find it here. Specialized O-rings can be made from made of different materials or be an odd size.
Standard Oring
Item: ORING 
Manufacturer: TechT
These are our stock O-rings. Great for most applications, and they are the least expensive option. Pick your size and hardness.
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