TechT Paintball

Gun Grease and Oil

TechT Gun Drops Oil and Gun Sav Grease are designed to be the best lubricants money can buy. Gun techs all around the world agree that our lubricants are the finest that money can buy. When blending our Gun Drops Oil and Gun Sav Grease our goal was to produce the the slickest lubricants, and best all around lubricant that can stand up to heavy use and extreme conditions.   

The super slickness, and perfected thickness of our lubricants maximize friction reduction, and protect your investment better than any other lubricant on the market. 

Gun Sav Grease and Gun Drops Oil are both synthetic lubricants that are non-flammable and can be used safely on paintball markers, airsoft guns, firearms, fishing reels, R/C cars, bicycles, chains, cables, hinges, anything that pivots, slides, and spins wherever lubrication is critical.

Both products are designed to out perform the competition in hot can cold weather conditions. They will not freeze or thicken in extreme cold temps. They do not break down seals/o-rings, and will not damage your product in any way. 

We are so confident in our lubricants that if you are not satisfied, send it back for a full refund! We are the only lubricant manufacturer that will offer this type of guarantee. 

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