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TechT Paintball
BT Upgrades

TM-7 & TM-15 MRT Bolt
MRT Spring Kit
APE Rampage Board for BT TM7 and TM15
APE Rampage Board for BT4, Delta, and Elite

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Tippmann Zero Kick Hammer SE
Item: TP019  Back Ordered
Manufacturer: TechT
The best upgrade you can get for your A5, X7, 98 without ACT, Tippmann Gryphon and various BT markers.
BT TM-7 and TM-15 Level 5 Combo Kit
Item: CKBT05  Back Ordered
Manufacturer: TechT
Complete Upgrade Combo Kit for BT TM-7 and TM-15 includes: MRT Bolt System for TM-7 and TM-15, 9pc. iFIT Barrel Kit (Autococker Thread), APE Rampage Board for the BT TM-7 and TM-15, MRT Spring Kit, and Techt Premium Gun SAV Grease.
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