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TechT Bolt Upgrades | Dye Matrix (DM8-DM11&14) L7 Bolt Upgrade

The TECHT L7 Bolt System for the DYE and Proto Matrix Paintball Markers takes accuracy, rate of fire, and efficiency to a whole new level of AWESOME.

The main design goal of the patented TECHT L7 Bolt System increase your paintball marker accuracy and efficiencty.

By reducing the weight of the "bolt" or what some consider the "moving mass" inside of the marker to the bare minimum. We do this to reduce the KICK the gun produces with each shot. By reducing the amount of wieght that is moving in the gun we naturally reduce the KICK felt by the shooter.

The "moving mass" that we focus on reducing the weight of is the part that is called the "BOLT".

The BOLT is the part inside every paintball guns that acutally loads and fires the paintball. It moves forward and back with each shot. The less it wieghs, the less kick is produced.

Lightening the bolt means that the marker will naturally have less kick/recoil as the bolt moves back and forth. This, in turn, allows you to stay on target better and shoot more opponents. This typcailly equals more wins, and more SMILES per MINUTE on the playing field.

The lightened of the bolt along with improving the fit of our bolt allows for lower gun operating pressures, possible lower dwell settings, as well as can eliminate the problem of FSDO (First Shot Drop Off) commonly associated with spool valve markers.

DM8 On Scale



The L7 comes with a set of FIRING CHAMBER SPACERS (GRAY PART) and gives you greater control over the marker's firing cycle by allowing you change the volume of air that is chambered in the marker before each shot.

This makes for more consistent shots at high rates of fire. The more spacers you use the higher the operating pressure of the gun will be. The less spacers you use, the lower the pressure of the gun will be.

This bolt works in several of the Dye Matrix line of paintball guns. These guns are also known as "DM"s. This bolt works in the DM8, PM8, DM9, DM10, and DM14.

Oddly enough, it will not work in the DM11-DM16. However we are working on making the L7 design compatable with those models as well and may be available in the near future.


Here is a customer testimonial video showing exactly what its like to shoot the L7 Bolt.


Like to shoot fast? Who doesn't !?!

The L7 will allow you to shoot faster and more accurately than you ever thought possible. All L7 Bolts are highly polished and teflon coated to produce minimal o-ring drag, enabling you to to have the fastest, most consistent firing cycle possible.

Want your gun to be more quiet? Again, who doesn't?

Its always fun to shoot at people when they have no idea where you are. The lowered operating pressure of the L7 Bolt naturally makes your gun cycle more quietly than any other bolt system.

Installation Video

Also available on YOUTUBE

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L7 Bolt System - PM8/DM8-11 and DM 14 Item: DP010 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $79.99
UPGRADED design! This bolt works on the PM8, DM8-11, and now the DM 14 markers!! **Bolt does NOT work in the DM 12 or 13 yet, but stay tuned!!
O-ring Kit - 6-Pack L7 Inner Bolt Stop / Top-Hat O-Rings Item: OR001 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT Add To Cart To See Price
This is the o-ring kit you need for all of our L7 Bolts Inner Bolt Stops and Top Hats. This is the small oring that goes around the tail of all the L7 bolt series. This kit comes with 6 of the special orings you need for the L7 Bolt.
O-ring Kit - DM (4-8) PM (5-8) Item: OR003 In Stock
Manufacturer: Other $8.99
One time rebuild for the DM/PM 4-8 L7 bolt system. Includes orings for whole bolt.
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