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L7 Kush Pro Bolt Engine for the Shocker RSX & XLS

Get the most out of your Shocker RSX and XLS with the TechT L7 Kush Pro Bolt System!
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  Manufacturer: TechT
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Our L7 Kush Pro Bolt System for the Shocker RSX Paintball Marker is designed to be the BEST of the BEST!!! 

The L7 Bolt design has always been focused on the reduction in weight and mass. The reduction in weight naturally produces less kick, and allows your gun to operate at the same velocity at a lower pressure because it increases the size of the firing chamber! 

This means you will be softer on brittle paint, and that leads to less ball breaks! It also means the gun will be more quiet because it's shooting the same velocity but at a lower pressure. The more quiet your gun is, the harder it will be for the other team to locate you when your shoot, and that means even more wins for you! 

But what really sets our latest creation apart is the new SOFT BOLT TIP INSERTS. Designed to eliminate roll back in the breech and be gentler on brittle paint. Each bolt comes with four interchangeable tip insert styles that create different sound signatures and improved air flow. The soft tips can even reduce the stock sound signature of your marker, depending on which one you use.

  • 4 Soft Tip Inserts to reduce roll back, reduce sound signature, and be softer on paint.
  • Reduces Marker Operating Pressure by 10-20 PSI
  • Deduces Dwell to 12-14
  • Smaller Bolt Head = Increased Firing Chamber Volume = Reduced Operating Pressure = Quieter Sound Signature & SOFTER On BRITTLE Paint = Enemy Can't Hear YOU & Less Barrel Brakes = MORE Wins = AWESOME!!!
  • Works on the Shocker RSX and XLS! 
  • Manufacturer: TechT
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Recent Reviews Rating: Reviewed By: David K. Review Date: 6/25/2018 Comments: Works very well. XLS was set at between 275 and 300 FPS. With L7, XLS chrono at 328 FPS. Turned regulator out about 1 full turn to shoot between 276 and 292 FPS. Can’t wait to play more and break the setup in. Read All Reviews
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