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Tippmann Hairpin Kit Trigger Upgrade

Five pins that allow you to sweet spot your markers trigger pull. This allows for higher BPS!
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The Hair Pin Trigger Kit is designed to make any Tippmann, BT, JT, or Valken marker have a shorter trigger pull.

The kit comes complete with 5 different pin sizes which will allow you to limit your trigger travel and and adjust the sears resting position for maximum performance, the shortest trigger pull.

The kit reduces the contact area between the sear and the hammer and makes for a shorter trigger pull. Less sear to hammer contact means you will be able to shoot more balls per second. Works on mechanical guns, Response Triggers and E-triggers! 

The kit is made up of 5 stainless steel pins that all vary in diameter. 

The pins work on:
Tippmanns: 98, 98 Custom, 98 Platinum, A5, X7, Alpha Black, Project Salvo, US Army Guns, Chronus, Gryphon and all variations.
BTs: Delta, Delta Elite, BT-4, BT-4 Slice, G36 and all variations of these guns.
JT: Tactical Marker
Valken: SW-1, and RW-1 and all variations.

By using the right pin you will reduce your trigger pull, and that allows for higher rates of fire.

Made in the USA!
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Recent Reviews Rating: Reviewed By: Wesley P. Review Date: 8/24/2022 Comments: Works great, use the 0 pin for the trigger and the 1 pin for the sear. Read All Reviews
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