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TechT KUSH Pro Bolt Upgrade - Fits ALL MINI, AXE, SYX, and Dfender

Reduces Kick, Increases Accuracy, Soft on Brittle Paint
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  Manufacturer: TechT
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The Kush Pro Bolt is designed to take your marker to the highest level in performance. We combined the lightest, strongest material with three soft face tip inserts to make the highest performing bolt possible for the Invert Mini, Empire AXE, SYX, and Dfender. The KUSH Bolt works with all versions, models, generations of these guns. 

As with all our bolt upgrades, the new KUSH PRO design aims to reduce kick, reduce the shot sound signature, and increase air efficiency. Improving these attributes means you will be on your target at long range, will be more difficult to locate on the field while you shoot, and keep you in the game longer.

The KUSH Bolt includes three interchangeable soft tip inserts. Each one has unique flow characteristics and its own sound signature. assist in reducing roll back in the breech, which increases consistency, and reduces breech breaks due to a staggered ball stack. The soft tips help provide a gentle surface to contact the ball when the bolt comes forward to fire the ball. 

The leading edge of the KUSH Bolt features our patented Radial Ramp Design which eliminates ball clipping in the breech. This design has been used for over a decade on our HUSH Bolts and performs flawlessly for all paint types.

  • Made from Machined Delrin to Reduce Weight, Friction, which Helps Increase Accuracy
  • Includes Three Soft Face Tip Inserts to Help Reduce Ball Breaks
  • Soft Tip Inserts Modify the Shot Sound Signature and Can Make You More Stealthy on the Field
  • Radial Ramped Leading Edge Reduces Breech Breaks
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Manufacturer: TechT
  • Shipping Weight: 0.1 lbs
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