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APE Rampage Board for the Tippmann X7 & A5 H.E. w/PowerShot Solenoid - Product Review
This board works in the Tippmann X7, A5 with (Mode Selector Switch) H.E. Grip, and Phenom
Item: APE001  Back Ordered
Manufacturer: A.P.E.
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Reviewed By: Logan T.
Review Date: 4/4/2016
I don't even know where to start. This board is sooooo cool. I guess I'll start by saying thanks to the engineers. My stock tippmann he board had a issue. The actuator could not release my hammer. Wasn't strong enough. Not a issue with this board. My stock tippmann board was restricted to 15 balls per second. Not a issue with this board. My stock trigger had a 3 shot safety before you could hold the trigger for full auto. Again, not a issue with this board. Fantastic!!! Would not recomend a egrip without this.
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