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TechT Gun Drops Oil - 2 OZ - Product Review
TechT Gun Drops take paintball oil to a whole new level. Our oil is thicker and stays where you put it. Use less and apply it less often is our way of thinking.
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Manufacturer: TechT
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Product Review
Reviewed By: Eric W.
Review Date: 3/4/2011
The TechT Synthetic oil is the best oil on the market. It doesn't have the residue that other oils have. It doesn't break down and evaporate like other oils. It acts like teflon, meaning it builds a coat not only on but into the top layers of the metal which protects long after natural oils would break down. This also means that it will help reduce wear and tear on your o-rings especially when using CO2. I will not ever use any other oil lubricant on any of my markers ever since I have found TechT Gun Drops. Its thick enough to stay where you put it. You won't see any of this leave your marker through your barrel as you fire like other oils I have used. [SWHR] Animal Asylum
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