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KUSH Bolt - LV1, LV1.5, LV1.6, LVR, LV2, Etek5

Break Less Paint with our 4 SOFT TIP INSERTS!
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Introducing the TechT KUSH Bolt – the ultimate upgrade for paintball guns, designed to take your game to the next level!

As a paintball enthusiast, you're likely familiar with the legacy of the LV1 and its subsequent models. While these markers are great, we believe there's always room for improvement, especially when it comes to the bolt. At TechT, we've dedicated ourselves to perfecting the best bolt designs since 2006.

Our revolutionary KUSH Bolt is engineered to deliver unmatched performance, addressing key areas that matter to every player. From reducing kick/recoil for increased accuracy to improving air efficiency, sound signature, and even ball breakage, our bolt is a game-changer.

What sets the KUSH Bolt apart is its innovative design, featuring four soft face tip inserts meticulously crafted to enhance your gameplay experience. These inserts not only alter the sound signature but also minimize ball breakage, giving you the edge you need on the field. The package includes one venturi-style tip for reduced sound signature, two spoked tips that gently push the ball forward, preventing roll back, and one open-face tip for maximum velocity.

Join the ranks of thousands of players who trust their markers and game to TechT. Upgrade your paintball gun with the TechT KUSH Bolt and experience the difference for yourself. Get ready to dominate the field like never before!
The purpose of the TechT KUSH Bolt for paintball guns is to provide players with a superior upgrade option for their markers. The KUSH Bolt is specifically designed to enhance performance in several key areas. Its primary goals are:

1. Reducing Kick/Recoil: The KUSH Bolt minimizes the kick/recoil of the marker, resulting in improved accuracy and stability during gameplay.

2. Improving Air Efficiency: By optimizing the bolt design, the KUSH Bolt enhances air efficiency, allowing players to maximize their shots per tank fill.

3. Reducing Sound Signature: The KUSH Bolt incorporates innovative features that help reduce the sound signature of the marker, providing players with a stealthier presence on the field.

4. Minimizing Ball Breakage: The latest KUSH Pro series takes ball breakage reduction to the next level. With four soft face tip inserts, it significantly decreases the chances of paintballs breaking in the barrel, ensuring a smoother and more consistent shooting experience.

In summary, the TechT KUSH Bolt aims to improve the overall performance of paintball guns by reducing kick/recoil, enhancing air efficiency, reducing sound signature, and minimizing ball breakage. By upgrading to the KUSH Bolt, players can elevate their gameplay and gain a competitive edge on the field.
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