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The JT Tactical is JT's take on a tactical entry level marker. It was only in production for a short time, but there are still a few out there on the field. It was designed to be like a Tippmann, so its durability is very good. Many of the internal parts are similar to the Tippmann, so fortunately you have some upgrade options. Our upgrades will take your marker to the next level in performance! 

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Super Bolt - Anti Chop Bolt System : Fits Tippmann, BT, and Valken Markers Item: SB001 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $34.99
Anti-Chop Bolt for many Tippmanns, Valken, and BT Markers. Make chopping paint a thing of the past!
Tippmann Hairpin Kit Trigger Upgrade Item: TP0005 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $19.99
Five pins that allow you to sweet spot your markers trigger pull. This allows for higher BPS!
Zero Kick Hammer SE Mk2 : Fits Tippmann, BT, and Valken Markers Item: TP019 Back Ordered
Manufacturer: TechT $54.99
Reduced Weight, Hand Polished, Reduces Kick/Recoil, INCREASES Accuracy and Efficiency!
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