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TechT Bolt Upgrades | Planet Eclipse GEO-Geo3.1 L7 Bolt

TechT L7 Bolt for the Planet Eclipse Geo Line of Paintball Markers

TechT L7 Bolt for GEO

The TECHT L7 Bolt Engine for the Planet Eclipse Geo Series of paintball markers totally reconfigures the marker's method of operation. By replacing the stock style bolt with the L7 Bolt, performance is increased on every level.

Using the L7 Bolt will:
1. Lower the operating pressure (softer on brittle paint),
2. Lower the dwell (faster bolt movement),
3. Improve consistency (improved accuracy),
4. Improve air efficiency (less air per shot),
5. Lower the sound signature (quieter when fired),
6. Improve first shot drop off (no more bolt stick)

Geo Bolt Test Video:

The L7 design increases the size of the internal firing chamber, and that naturally allows for a lower operating pressure. The L7 for the GEO also features the RADIAL RAMPED orginally featured on the very popular HUSH Series Bolt. The ramped leading edge, is designed to assist with reduced ball stack clipping (ball breakage). The L7 Bolt comes polished and teflon coated to achieve consistent and smoothest bolt movement possible.

GEO L7 Bolt

This version of the L7 Bolt will work with the Planet Eclipse GEO, GEO+, SL91, GEO2, GEO2.1,GEO3, and GEO3.1.

The L7 Bolt is constructed of high grade aircraft aluminum and machined delrin. This bolt comes with the standard TECHT LIFETIME WARRANTY from defects.

We have be producing and perfecting the L7 Bolt design since 2006. Players all over the world agree that the L7 Bolt is the best upgrade you can do for your marker.

If you experience bolt stick or first shot drop off, give the L7 Bolt a try!

NOTE: We are also working on version to work in newer models, like the GSL, GEO 3.5, CS1, CS1.5 and CSR, so keep your eye out for that in the weeks to come.

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L7 Bolt Engine for Planet Eclipse Geo2 - Geo3.1 Item: PE009 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $74.99
Upgrade your GEO to the L7 Bolt Engine to get the most from your marker!
O-Ring Kit Rebuild For L7 Bolt - GEO - Geo3.1 Item: PE009abc In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $6.99
Its always a good idea to have some extra o-rings on hand!
TechT Gun Sav Syntheic Grease - 1oz Tub Item: LUB001 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $9.99
Protect Your Investment with the BEST! SILKY and SAFE in all applications!
iFIT- Autococker 6-Piece Kit Item: iFIT010 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $99.99
This is the kit that will get you up and running with the iFIT. You will have the sizes you need to fit the majority of paintballs being made. There are three sizes you will not get with this kit .667, .688, and .691
iFIT- Autococker 9-Piece Kit Item: iFIT017 Back Ordered
Manufacturer: TechT $139.99
This is the complete kit that incluedes all 9 inserts and selected adapter.
TechT Gun Drops Oil - 1 OZ Item: LUB006 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $9.99
TechT Gun Drops take paintball oil to a whole new level. Our oil is thicker and stays where you put it. Use less and apply it less often is our way of thinking.
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