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The Tippmann 98 is one of the best markers to upgrade in the world. You literally can take a $100 marker and make as good as anything on the field with our upgrades. Our products are designed to make your marker more air efficient, have less kick, more accurate, and be more air efficient. 

Stop being out gunned and get your revenge on those that laughed at your marker. The look they will give you when you tell them that you shot them in the face with a Tippmann 98 will be priceless, and the feeling of pride you will have in your marker will last forever.

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Cyclone Feed Lightening Rod Item: TP002 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $24.99
Replace rod made of aluminum to allow your cyclone feed to operate at maximum speed.
E-Z View Tippmann Cyclone Feed Cover (Clear) Item: TP039 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $9.99
Allows players to easily maintain and monitor the status of their cyclone feed system.
EZ View Tippmann Cyclone Feed Housing kit (Polycarbonate) Item: TP048 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $29.99
Gun Tag- Custom Text and Color Item: GT200 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $12.99
Make your custom Gun Tag here!
Squishy Paddles for the Tippmann Cyclone Feed Item: TP038 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $14.99
Works on all Tippmann Cyclone Feeds! Softer on Brittle Paint!
Super Bolt - Anti Chop Bolt System : Fits Tippmann, BT, and Valken Markers Item: SB001 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $34.99
Anti-Chop Bolt for many Tippmanns, Valken, and BT Markers. Make chopping paint a thing of the past!
TechT Quick Exhaust Piston Housing QEPH -Black Item: TP003 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $34.99
The TechT Tippmann Quick Exhaust Piston Housing allows for faster loading. A must have for any Tippmann Cyclone Feed!
Tippmann Hairpin Kit Trigger Upgrade Item: TP0005 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $19.99
Five pins that allow you to sweet spot your markers trigger pull. This allows for higher BPS!
Tippmann Vortex Mod SS Item: TP031 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $34.99
The Vortex Mod SS is our second generation cyclone mod that is designed to outlast any other ratchet upgrade.
Tippmann Zero Kick ACT Hammer Item: TP025 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $54.99
This hammer is designed to work in Tippmanns with A.C.T. (ANTI CHOP TECHNOLOGY) Not currently used in anything except the Tippmann 98 ACT.
Zero Kick Hammer SE Mk2 : Fits Tippmann, BT, and Valken Markers Item: TP019 Back Ordered
Manufacturer: TechT $54.99
Reduced Weight, Hand Polished, Reduces Kick/Recoil, INCREASES Accuracy and Efficiency!
EZ View Cyclone Feed Housing - ABS Item: TP040 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $19.99
MADE FROM STRONG ABS and MORE AFFORDABLE! Works great and stands up to being shot point blank!
APE Rampage Board for the Tippmann 98/Alpha Black w/PowerShot Solenoid Item: APE003 In Stock
Manufacturer: A.P.E. $99.99
This is the board you need to work with the Tippmann 98, 98 Custom, Alpha Black and Project Salvo.
DVD - Tippmann 98 101 Item: DVD005 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $19.99
This video teaches you everything to need in order tear down, rebuild and maintain your Tippmann 98.
Ape Board and TECHT Ultimate Upgrade Combo for the Tippmann 98 Item: BUP003 Back Ordered
Manufacturer: TechT $123.20
Combo includes: Ape Board for the Tippmann 98, TECHT 98 Fang Trigger and Zero Kick Hammer SE.
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