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TechT Bolt Upgrades | BT TM7/TM15 MRT Bolt

    Like our upgraded bolts for the Mini and Axe Markers, the TM-7/ TM-15 Bolt pushes the limits of weight reduction and the ability to achieve lower operating pressures. By lowering the amount of moving mass we are able to pair the TM7 / TM15 MRT Bolt with our MRT Spring Kit to achieve lower pressures and get substantially less kick from the marker.  Players are left with a quieter, smoother marker that is sure to get them more kills on the field.

Our Bolt utilizes the stock style bolt tip o-ring. During development of the MRT Bolt we found that by not incorporating this o-ring into the design, considerable consistency and efficiency were lost. We have also include an additional set of o-rings to ensure a great bolt guide fit.

The TM-7 and TM-15 are great markers that boast some of the best, if not the best consistency in the paintball industry. By adding the MRT Bolt Series to your marker you make a great gun even better.

The TM-7 / TM-15 comes with
TECHT's Lifetime Warranty.

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MRT BT TM-7 & TM-15 Bolt System - Delrin Item: BT001 In Stock
Manufacturer: Other $39.99
Lighter bolt that will reduce kick and increase efficiency
MRT, Mini, AXE, and KUSH Bolt Tip Oring Item: IN001a In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $1.50
Replacement Soft Tip Bolt Tip O-Ring for all TechT MINI, AXE, and KUSH bolts
Bolt Tip Oring Kit - 5 Pack Item: OR0001 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $6.99
Fits on the Tip of MRT Bolts, Mini Bolts, Axe Bolts, and Kush Bolts. 5 Pack
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