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Autococker Upgrades | Zero Kick Back Block

Wood Zero Kick Block

The Zero Kick Back Block is designed to work on any Autococker. Its made to replace the heavy stock aluminum one that comes stock on every Autococker, and its purpose is to reduce the kick/recoil during each shot. The decreased kick means your gun will remain much more steady while shooting.

This upgrade makes a noticeable difference on any Autococker.

We at TECHT have a certain love for Autocockers. You never know when we will pick up the ole' AC keep an eye out for new products. Just because the Autococker is no longer made doesn't mean we don't still love them!

Zero Kick Installed

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Autococker Trilogy Complete Upgrade Package Item: WGPP01 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $59.99
Everything you need to deck out your marker with the best upgrades.
Autococker Zero Kick Back Block Item: WGP003 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $29.99
Lightened delrin back block to allow for less moving mass and decreased kick.
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