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World's Lightest Ion Bolt
UPDATE: THE L7 ION XE Bolt works on all markers now made by GOG.

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Original Ion and Ion XE Install Video

This kid had some fun videos that showed off his L7 Bolt


Same kid another rope


The L7 is just 7.1 grams!

The L7 is the pinnacle of paintball bolt technology. What started off as just an Ion bolt turned into the cornerstone in TECHT's product lineup. From our bolts for the DYE Matrix to the DP G4, the Ion L7 is the predecessor that influenced them all. All of the performance benefits commonly associated with our bolts started with the original L7. Lower pressure, shorter dwells, faster rates of fire, better efficiency, lower sound signature, teflon impregnation...the works. TECHT is known for making the best bolts in paintball, that legacy began with the Original Ion L7.

L7 Ion Rear
L7 Quater New


The L7 accomplishes its performance benefits with the combination of an extremely light bolt head and enlarged firing chamber. The patent pending design of the L7 maximizes the volume of the firing chamber for the lowest pressure possible to operate the marker. This lower pressure means better efficiency and ease on paint. The light weight design reduces the weight of the moving mass inside of the marker to just 7.1 grams! The L7 is the lightest Ion bolt ever made, and second lightest bolt in the world only to another L7. This means the L7 bolt head moves faster with less pressure and less kick than any other Ion bolt available.

All L7 bolts are highly polished, anodized, and teflon impregnated for the smoothest and most durable finish available. The Ion L7's reputation speaks for itself; if you want the best performance out of your Ion then you need the L7.

-It is compatible with most firing chambers and after market bodies.

Ion L7 Scale

There are 3 different versions of our L7 "Ion" bolt.

Pick the one that corresponds with the marker you are trying to upgrade.

Original L7 Ion Bolt:
Original Ion
L7 Ion XE Bolt:
Ion XE
ALL GOG Markers

L7 EOS Bolt:



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L7 Bolt System -Ion XE, SP1, Vibe, GOG Enmy, Envy, eXTCy, G1 Item: SP002 Back Ordered
Manufacturer: TechT $49.99
This is the bolt system you need if you have an Ion XE, VIBE, or SP-1. This Bolt Also fits the GOG Enmy, Envy, EXTCY, and G1 markers.
L7 Bolt System - Original Ion, SP8, Epiphany Item: SP001 Back Ordered
Manufacturer: Other $49.99
This is our original L7 Bolt for the First Generation Ion, Epiphany, and SP-1. This bolt will work with most BOB (Bolt out Back Bodies) including our Sleeper Body.
O-ring Kit - all Ion Type L7 Bolts Item: OR004 Back Ordered
Manufacturer: Other $3.99
One time rebuild for the L7 Bolt system for the Ion
DVD - Ion 101 Item: DVD001 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $19.99
If you have an Ion and are looking to repair, upgrade, or just make your marker more efficient this is the video for you.
iFIT- ION/SP 6-Piece Kit Item: iFIT011 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $99.99
This is the kit that will get you up and running with the iFIT. You will have the sizes you need to fit the majority of paintballs being made. There are three sizes you will not get with this kit .667, .688, and .691
iFIT- ION/SP 9-Piece Kit Item: iFIT018 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $139.99
This is the complete kit that incluedes all 9 inserts and selected adapter.
Ion Ball Detents "Fly-On" Item: SP003 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $14.99
Replacement detents for the Original Ion, XE, EOS, SP8, Epihpany, SP1, Vibe.
L7 Bolt Stop - XE, SP1, Vibe (7/8"OD) Item: TTL7XEBump In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $14.99
If you need a bolt stop for the Ion XE, VIBE, or SP1 to use with your L7 Bolt this is the part you need.
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