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TechT Bolt Upgrades | Rev-i L7 Bolt Engine

The TECHT Rev-i  L7 Bolt Engine totally reconfigures the Stock Rev-i method of operation. By replacing the stock style bolt with our proven L7 style bolt head, performance is increased on every level. Lower operating pressure, shorter dwells, better consistency, better efficiency, softer sound signature...the works. The new TECHT Rev-i / L7 Bolt Engine comes with a lifetime warranty, as do all TECHT products. It is constructed of high grade aircraft aluminum and goes through our licensed anodizing method to make it both durable and great looking.

Please note that Rev-i Users may need to obtain the TechT Tooless Rev-i Back Cap in order to use the L7 Engine Bolt.

•Please note that the rear black portion of the bolt is not meant to be disassembled. Doing so will void the warranty on the Rev-i L7 Bolt Engine. It is press fit and will more than likely be damaged upon removal. Oiling the spring within the black portion is all that is required for routine maintenance.

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O-ring Kit - TechT Rev-I/Threshold Rebuild 3x Item: OR010 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $6.99
Three times rebuild for the Rev-I/Threshold L7 bolt system.
L7 Bolt System - Rev-I Engine Item: DDP012 Back Ordered
Manufacturer: TechT $74.99
This is the bolt that you need if you plan on using the L7 on your Rev-I.
O-ring Kit - 6-Pack L7 Inner Bolt Stop / Top-Hat O-Rings Item: OR001 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT Add To Cart To See Price
This is the o-ring kit you need for all of our L7 Bolts Inner Bolt Stops and Top Hats. This is the small oring that goes around the tail of all the L7 bolt series. This kit comes with 6 of the special orings you need for the L7 Bolt.
Rev-i / Threshold Tool-Less Back Cap Item: DDP014 Back Ordered
Manufacturer: TechT $24.49
If you use the stock bolt in your RevI or Threshold, you could benefit from our Tool-Less Back Cap. This part allows you to remove your bolt with no allen key. Great for people looking for the best marker possible.
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