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Tippmann Upgrades | Quick Exhaust Piston Housing - "QEPH"

The Quick Exhaust Piston Housing or QEPH was designed to increase the loading speed of the Tippmann Cyclone Feed. The QEPH quickly exhausts the air that is used to drive the Cyclone Feed once it has advanced the loader. By exhausting the excess gas both before and after each shot, the QEPH allows the Cyclone Feed to cycle faster.

The QEPH is a forward and reverse exhaust tube. It exhausts the air in front of the piston during the piston stroke and behind the piston at the end of the piston stroke. Venting the air in front of the piston in the early part of the stroke means that less pressure is needed to advance the loader and venting the air behind the piston allows the loader to return faster.

The QEPH is 100% made in the U.S.A.

It is machined from aircraft grade aluminum and is then annodized and teflon coated for the smoothest and most durable finish.

If you want your Cyclone Feed to keep up with the potential speed of your marker, then the TECHT QEPH is a must have.

The QEPH now comes optional "blocker orings" to help keep out debre when playing in extreme environments.


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TechT Quick Exhaust Piston Housing QEPH -Black Item: TP003 Back Ordered
Manufacturer: TechT $34.99
The TechT Tippmann Quick Exhaust Piston Housing "QEPH" replaces the stock piston housing to allow for faster loading. A must have for any Tippmann Cyclone Feed user.
TechT Complete Cyclone Upgrade Kit (Black) Item: TPP01 Back Ordered
Manufacturer: TechT $99.99
This is our complete cyclone upgrade kit. This is hands down the best set of cyclone upgrades in the world!
O-ring Kit - Tippmann Complete Rebuild Kit-3x Item: OR005 In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT $8.99
This kit is what you need for all Tippmann 98, A5, X7, Alpha Black and all the newer models of Tippmanns.
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