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High Velocity Lightened Valve Spring Upgrade for Tippmanns - 1" Length

Fits Tippmann 98, newer A5 and X7 marker. Works in other markers like Valken and BT markers as well.
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  Manufacturer: TechT
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This new valve spring is designed to work in markers like the Tippmann 98, Alpha Black, US Army and others, Also works in newer A5 and the X7 markers. It will also work in other markers with a similar design like various BT and Valken "Tippmann Clone" markers. The idea is that if you make the valve spring lighter (less stiff) the valve can open more during each shot, and release more air. This means more air will be available to re-cock the gun, power the loader, and or fire the ball. Its ideal for those looking to maximize their marker, get their marker to work at lower pressures, or use a lighter drive spring and hammer. Its best that you remove the stock spring and measure its length before you buy if you have anything other than the A5 and X7. We also make a .75" version that works in markers like the older A5 and similar. You need more sure you get the correct length for your marker. 
Made in the USA
Fits Tippmann 98, Alpha Black, US Army, Project Salvo, TMC and similar BT and Valken "Tippmann Clones"
1 Inche in Length
Softer than the stock valve spring
Get more re-cocking power
Achieve higher velocity
Ideal for those using a lighter hammer
  • Manufacturer: TechT
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Recent Reviews Rating: Reviewed By: Logan T. Review Date: 4/4/2016 Comments: Ended up buying both springs so I didn't have to me sure . My old style a5 took the .75 and I was so happy with the results I gave this to my friend with a new model that had the 1 inch spring. Now both of us giggle about how awesome this is. Thank you...
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