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TechT Gun Sav Syntheic Grease - 1oz Tub

Protect Your Investment with the BEST! SILKY and SAFE in all applications!
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TechT Gun Sav Grease is a synthetic, penetrating grease that is custom blended to be the slickest lubricant on the market. It has very light viscosity which produces the lowest friction possible between moving parts and increases consistency at low and high rates of fire.  

Since 2007 customers all over the world have been putting Gun Sav to the test, and in every test and application, it has surpassed the customers expectations. It will not swell o-rings, delrin, or negatively impact any parts. It can be used on any bolt system, and in any regulator application.

Gun Sav is so safe, we recommend can be used in virtually all applications that call for grease or oil. Its ideal for all all "spool valve" type markers (Gamma Core, IVCore, LUXE, Matrixes, Shockers, Ions, Geos, etc.) that require such grease. Other paintball markers like Tippmanns, and Spyders and Egos that call for oil can be switched over to TechT Gun Sav because its so silky and smooth. Making the switch will mean that your marker is more accurate, and require to be "lubed" less often. You will notice a difference Gun Sav makes in your marker. 

If your paintball marker has FSDO (first shot drop off) TechT Gun Sav Grease can help you tremendously. 

Many paintball markers call for DOW33, DOW55, Silicon or other type greases. TechT Gun Sav can safely replace the grease for any of those products. In most cases your marker will perform noticeably better when using Gun Sav. Gun Sav will not swell or break-down any type o-rings or delrin.

TECHT Gun SAV can be used on 

We are that confident that you will not find better grease. 
If TechT Gun Sav is not the BEST grease you have ever used you can return it within 30 days.
  • Super Slick
  • Will not cake over time.
  • Holds the same consistency in hot and cold temps.
  • Put it anywhere lubrication is needed!

  • Manufacturer: TechT
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Recent Reviews Rating: Reviewed By: Mike B. Review Date: 3/15/2020 Comments: BEST GREASE IN THE WORLD!!! I use this stuff everywhere!
Rating: Reviewed By: Shawn C. Review Date: 5/11/2016 Comments: Gun-Sav is the only grease I will ever use! I have a few different gun, from Speedball to milsim and they all work smoother with less frequent oring failures. The fact that it goes where you want it and stays there without turning into a paste or leaving ...
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Rating: Reviewed By: Eric W. (Alphashadow) Review Date: 3/4/2011 Comments: The TechT Synthetic Grease is by far easier to work with than any other grease I have ever worked with. It stick to the metal better than natural grease and it doesn't stick to you. I have had a better return and smoother operation on my Tippmann paintb...
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Rating: Reviewed By: Jonathan P. Review Date: 1/25/2011 Comments: I have use the stock grease that comes with the tippmann X7 phenom and then i have used this. By far this product is way better i will never go back to using normal grease after use gun sav, it even made my marker shoot smoother. Deff. worth the money. Read All Reviews
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