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Finally an Upgraded Board for the Phenom actually exists!!!  Praise be to the Paintball Gods and TECHT!

TechT Fang Trigger Ape Board Combo for the X7 Phenom is a must for anyone looking to upgrade their PHENOM TO BE THE BEST POSSIBLE.

The Fang Trigger allows for maximum adjustment, comfort, and speed... especially speed.  The APE Phenom board will allow now allow users more versatility with settings, more modes, and more features. The New Fang/ Ape Board Combo allows for the three shot-full auto mode to disengaged. more need to pull the trigger three times to get the gun to fire fully automatic. WIth the APE BOARD AND TRIGGER COMBO the gun will fire fully automatic from the first shot.

Fang Trigger is the most durable, best feeling, overall best performing, and lets not forget the BEST looking trigger you will find for the X7 Phenom.  The Fang Trigger allows you to minimize trigger travel with two adjustment screws, and dual roller bearing design maximize your BPS like never before.

The TECHT Fang Trigger APE Board combo can only be used in conjunction with each other. The Phenom Fang Trigger for the APE Board- is only for the APE Board.  The board included with the Combo is actually the Standard X7 APE Board. By using our Modified Fang Phenom Trigger, and custom trigger plate, the Phenom will accept the standard X7 Board and by doing so will allow users the benefit of having 2 different electronic modes.

This means that you no longer will have the first position be a manual mode. Instead you will now have a second programable FIRING MODE. YOU WILL BE THE ONLY PERSON THAT HAS TWO FIRING MODES....ADJUSTABLE BY THE FLIP OF A SWITCH!!! AWESOME!

The APE Board offers more flexibility and precision when dialing in your marker or setting mode specific operations. APE Boards offer the most comprehensive set of marker controls on the market, but if you don't really want to get into much programing, no worries the board comes pre-configured with settings so you can just install and play.

Here is just a quick look at some APE Board modes and settings

When trying to achieve the best trigger pull,trigger tension is crucial. For that reason we include our Variable Tension Trigger Spring Kit. Each of our 3 springs has different strengths. They range in strength from Extremely Soft for walking the trigger super fast, to Firm for all those tough 1-finger type guys.

In this picture you can see the lightest spring being used.

As seen below, the Fang Trigger includes all adjusting screws, springs, and double trigger guard.

Installation Video

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APE Board Upgrade and Single Fang Trigger Combo Item: BUP019 Back Ordered
Manufacturer: A.P.E. $134.99
Combo includes The APE Board for the Phenom and our and Fang Single Trigger. Take it to the next level!
Trigger & Phenom Ape Board Combo Item: BUP018 Back Ordered
Manufacturer: A.P.E. $134.99
Combo includes The APE Board for the Phenom W/ PowerShot Solenoid and our TechT Phenom Trigger modified for use with the APE Board.
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