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Tippmann Vortex Mod SS

The Vortex Mod SS takes the cyclone feed to the MAX!!!
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The Tippmann Cyclone fee is the worlds best air powered auto loader for a paintball gun. Unfortunately Tippmann made the internals out of cheap plastic parts that wear out with very little use. With the TechT Vortex Mod, you can rest assured that your Cyclone Feed will never fail you in the middle of a game.

Our testing has shown that the Vortex Mod SS will allow the Cyclone feed to work at lower pressures, feed faster, and virtually never wear out. If it does we will replace the worn parts for life.

While stock cyclone internals need to be replaced on a regular basis, the Vortex Mod is a permanent solution that makes the cyclone faster and more reliable.

Since its release, the Vortex Mod has been the most widely used, and most trusted name in cyclone upgrades.

The Vortex Mod SS is specifically designed to be the fastest, smoothest actuating, and most durable/long lasting upgrade available. And did we mention it was easy to install?

With a new stainless steel axle and design refinements it is now far and away the "best of the best".

The Vortex Mod SS will feed upwards to 30+ balls per second and continue to load down to pressures as low as 150psi.

Stock parts only feed up to 15 balls per second and only down to a pressure of 400 psi.

All METAL Upgrade
Higher Feed Rates
Never Manual Feed
Never Wear Out
Lifetime Warranty
Made in the USA
  • Manufacturer: TechT
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Recent Reviews Rating: Reviewed By: Logan T. Review Date: 4/4/2016 Comments: I would say 5 star based on the fact you no longer have to hammer in the pins. I would also rare 5 star for the drastic reduction in effort needed to cycle the cyclone feeder. That's a total of 10 stars, but I could only give 5. Thank you guys so much...
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Rating: Reviewed By: Robert G. Review Date: 5/29/2011 Comments: Just got mine in today. Installation was way easier than the old version. Love the redesign that you guys did here. You can tell the differance in wieght between the SS axle and the older Aluminum one. This upgrade is well worth the price, especially if y...
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Rating: Reviewed By: keaton h. Review Date: 5/24/2011 Comments: just received it today and was very surprised how easy it was to install techt paintball definitely wasn't kidding when they it was built to be easily installed. besides all that all i can say is thank you for another amazing product!!!!!
Rating: Reviewed By: keaton h. Review Date: 5/19/2011 Comments: my order hasn't even came in yet and im excited about this product because i know for a fact it will be a great product and also easier to install. all that can be said go with techt paintball or don't go at all. Team K"N"S Read All Reviews
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