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MRT H.E. Delrin Pro Series Phenom Bolt - Product Review
TechT takes the Phenom bolt to the EXTREME!
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Manufacturer: TechT
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Product Review
Reviewed By: Eric W.
Review Date: 3/23/2011
I installed this on my phenom. Coupled with the phase 5 fitting, my gun fired more consistently, even when I was running low on air. Teammates I was skirmishing against said they could not hear my gun down range. They heard the balls whizzing by and/or hitting bunkers close to them, but they never heard my phenom fire. The soft paddles DS+ along with this bolt never once chopped a ball, and I never dry fired, I had a ball chambered every round till my hopper was dry. It is also true that after I installed this I had to reduce the speed of my gun by 30 fps. Straight change over, I was running 290 fps, swapped bolts and was running 320 fps. -Eric Alphashadow [SWHR] Animal Asylum
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