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Tippmann Upgrades | Zero Kick Hammer SE

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Tippmann and BT Markers are some of the worlds most RELIABILITY Paintball Markers, BUT THE TRADE OFF IS THAT THEY PRODUCE THE MOST RECOIL.

The Zero Kick Hammer SE™ is the most important/noticeable performance upgrade you can install in a "Tippmann Style Marker". Our hammer design is nearly half the weight of the stock hammer and polished. These two things combined make for greatly improved firing characteristics that you can feel with every shot. Say goodbye to the "clunky feeling / hand-numbing" operation that you have come to expect from Tippmann and BT style markers.

and above all else ...Substantially
Less Kick/Recoil!

Reduced RECOIL makes for increased accuracy because firing the gun doesn't move during each shot. You stay on target, and shoot more opponents.


Tippmann X7
Tippmann A5
Tippmann 98 Custom
Tippmann 98 Original
Tippmann 98 Custom Pro Platinum
U.S. Army Alpha Black
U.S. Army Alpha Black Tactical
BT Delta Elite
BT Delta
All BT-4 Models
All MILSIG Markers
and others that use a similar hammer.

I'm Chris Landry from the Tippinators paintball team. First of all, thank you for the Zero Kick Hammer and Gun-Drops.
This weekend I finally got out of the apartment and put some air into my 98 after installing the Zero-Kick. I have to say, these hammers are the upgrade we have been looking for  the past 3 years now. I just couldn't believe the actual results when i got my 98 gassed up and let her rip on PSP 15bps.

Everyone i handed it to, ripped off a string, looked at the gun dumbfounded and tried again. Its just damn amazing. I already ordered a second one to put in my A5.

Anyways, keep up the good work.
- Chris Landry

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Tippmann Zero Kick Hammer SE
Item: TP019  Back Ordered
Manufacturer: TechT
The best upgrade you can get for your A5, X7, 98 without ACT, Tippmann Gryphon and various BT markers.
Tippmann Zero Kick Hammer Weight Kit
Item: TP035  In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT
This kit will allow players that are having trouble getting sufficient velocity, the ability to get more fps. This kit will also fix any sputtering issues after install. Kit comes with the weight and spring guide. The weight kit adds a total of 30 grams
TechT Complete Cyclone Upgrade Kit (Black)
Item: TPP01  In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT
This is our complete cyclone upgrade kit. This is hands down the best set of cyclone upgrades in the world. All TechT Parts are MADE IN THE USA and come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Others don't.
Tippmann Zero Kick ACT Hammer
Item: TP025  Back Ordered
Manufacturer: TechT
This hammer is designed to work in Tippmanns with A.C.T. (ANTI CHOP TECHNOLOGY) Not currently used in anything except the Tippmann 98 ACT.
Add To Cart To See Price
Zero Kick Hammer - Blemished
Item: Bl001  In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT
Get them while they last! We have a handful of "blemished" hammers that need to find homes. These are still great working hammers, but the finish is has blemishes or imperfections. Here's your chance to save some money!
High Velocity Lightened Valve Spring Upgrade - .75" Length
Item: TS005  In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT
Tippmann Valve Spring allows you to get more velocity when you need it. This may work in both 98, A5, and X7 Tippmann Markers but you will need to ensure that your stock valve spring length is approx. .75 inches in length.
High Velocity Lightened Valve Spring Upgrade for Tippmanns - 1" Length
Item: TS006  In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT
High Velocity Lightened Valve Spring Upgrade for Tippmann A5, X7, and 98's and similar is what you need to get if you want or need more velocity from your marker. This spring is approx. 1" in length. Ensure yours is the same before buying.
O-ring Kit - Tippmann Complete Rebuild Kit-3x
Item: OR005  In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT
This kit is what you need for all Tippmann 98, A5, X7, Alpha Black and all the newer models of Tippmanns.
TechT Zero Kick Hammer Spring
Item: TS004  In Stock
Manufacturer: TechT
This is the drive spring you will need for the Zero Kick Hammer. One comes with the hammer, but its a good idea to have an extra.
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